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This is some encouraging news about Health Care in the US: From his sickbed, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy has secretly been orchestrating meetings with lobbyists and lawmakers from both parties to craft legislation that would greet the new president with a plan to provide affordable medical coverage to all Americans, a measure he has called […]

Many props to WebMD for a really simplified explanation of the candidate’s health plans and some good non-partisan analysis from health care experts. See it here!

McCain is lying here.  He’s pretending that Obama hasn’t explained his association with Ayers, but he has: That’s the full extent!  If for some reason Mr. McCain has more questions, then why doesn’t he have his campaign do some more research?   Why?  Well, it’s because McCain has to drop his “Obama pals around with […]

Just as the dry winds can stoke the flames of fires around Los Angeles, McCain and Palin (mostly Palin) have created an inferno of hatred among their supporters.  Check out the video below: Listen closely to the tones in their voices.  The combination of desperation (their candidate of choice is losing) and fear of the […]

Just a follow up to my previous post regarding tax plans of Obama vs. McCain. Where do you fit in their tax plans?

Just came across this article on CNNMoney about tax plans by Obama and McCain. It gives a good breakdown by income group. It gives a pretty clear picture as to where the Republican vs. Democratic priority line breaks down.  Obama raises taxes on higher income groups and McCain cuts taxes across the board.  Obama’s breakdown […]