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This article from the NYTimes has some interesting data: Since 1929, Republicans and Democrats have each controlled the presidency for nearly 40 years. So which party has been better for American pocketbooks and capitalism as a whole? Well, here’s an experiment: imagine that during these years you had to invest exclusively under either Democratic or […]

Paul Krugman has a piece in the NY Times discussing how government spending is our best way out of the crisis right now.: It’s politically fashionable to rant against government spending and demand fiscal responsibility. But right now, increased government spending is just what the doctor ordered, and concerns about the budget deficit should be […]

Quote of the day: “Senator Obama and his allies in Congress infused unnecessary partisanship into the process. Now is not the time to fix the blame. It’s time to fix the problem,” the Arizona Republican said after the vote.

Maverick, indeed!  This guy will say anything to make people happy.  Here’s a great moment from Tuesday that’s destined to be a classic.  McCain changes his position on de-regulating the economy within 1 hour.  Thanks to ThinkProgress for the great footage:   On NBC’s Today Show, McCain told Matt Lauer: Of course I don’t like […]

This report from the Wonk Room at Think Progress and authored by Scott Lilly at Center for American Progress. Bushonomics = McCainonomics: Corporations Win, Families Lose» In a new report from the Center for American Progress, Senior Fellow Scott Lilly chronicles the “extraordinary transfer of wealth that took place between ordinary households and the extremely […]

Just a follow up to my previous post regarding tax plans of Obama vs. McCain. Where do you fit in their tax plans?

Inherited: Big Surplus Leaving behind?: Big Deficit   Bush inherits a surplus and leaves a huge gaping deficit. Source: USA Today