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Since September, the White House has been suppressing a report by the EPA that examines the benefits of increased global warming regulation.   The Wall Street Journal reports: The White House is trying to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from publishing a document that could become the legal roadmap for regulating greenhouse-gas emissions in the […]

By now you may have heard of the false claim by Cheney that China and Cuba were working together to drill off the coast of Florida. But, there are deeper lies in the Cheney argument for drilling offshore. Carl Pope on Huffington Post explains: But while the media nailed this lie, they missed the whopper. […]

Climate Change is happening.  There’s good reason to debate it and study it, but it’s not helping solve a potential crisis to pretend that it might not even be a valid problem.  In the midst of the debate on the matter, climate change naysayers have done a great job of flooding the public with false […]