Bye Bye Bushies



Say goodbye to Bush

Say goodbye to Bush

I’ve been hearing a lot of folks apologizing for Bush.  Friends of mine have claimed that every one of his mistakes was because “he just didn’t know any better.”  Maybe everyone is just feeling sad for a man who was so clearly inept at his job and over his head, that he just pushed himself into being the target and whipping boy for all that has been going wrong lately.  Before you start feeling sorry for a man who, in his own words, “made the tough decisions” that not started, failed to prevent, and in some cases failed to appropriately respond to the many problems that face out country today, bear in mind that in less than one week, the sad little man will be living comfortably in semi-retirement.  While many people lose their homes, he’ll have a new place in Dallas…and another in Crawford…and another in Maine.  He’ll continue to golf, go to baseball games, and pal around with well-to-do conservative folks who contributed to his campaigns so that their businesses would prosper, their taxes cut, and their stock prices skyrocket (only to come back down a little bit in the end.)  

He won’t be having a rough time during the recession. He’s never had a rough time in his life until he “made the tough decision” to put himself in charge of the country, only to find that it was “hard work.” Before he walked into office, he had an agenda to follow that was set by Neo-Cons, and he promised to stick with it.  Despite plenty of advice  to the contrary and public outcry throughout the world, he stuck with it.  

If you’re still in doubt that Dubya should not be held accountable for his actions or shouldn’t be judged by his horrible two-term catastrophe, then we can simply judge him by the friends he keeps.  

The Center for American Progress has a great roundup today of the 43 who helped form Bush’s legacy.

From the article:

Next week, “change is coming to America,” as President George W. Bush wraps up his tenure as one of the worst American presidents ever. He wasn’t able to accomplish such an ignominious feat all by himself, however; he had a great deal of help along the way. The Progress Report heralds the conclusion of the Bush 43 presidency by bringing you our list of the top 43 worst Bush appointees. 


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