White House Suppressing Report About Economic Benefits of Global Warming Regulations


Since September, the White House has been suppressing a report by the EPA that examines the benefits of increased global warming regulation.  

The Wall Street Journal reports:

The White House is trying to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from publishing a document that could become the legal roadmap for regulating greenhouse-gas emissions in the U.S., said people close to the matter.

The fight over the document is the latest development in a long-running conflict between the EPA and the White House over climate-change policy. It will likely intensify ongoing Congressional investigations into the Bush administration’s involvement in the agency’s policymaking.

In fact, the benefit to our economy would be “in excess of $2 trillion” through 2040. The report also found that:

  • technology is readily available to achieve significant reductions in light-duty vehicle GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions between now and 2020 (and beyond);
  • the benefits of these new standards far outweigh their costs;
  • owners of vehicles complying with the new standard will recoup their increased vehicle sosts within 3-7 years, and;
  • new standards would result in substantial reductions in GHGs.
This directly contradicts the White House’s own frequent claims about the economic impact of these types of measures. Once again, the Bush Administration seems to be going out of their way to avoid the facts in favor of their own agenda.  In April, Bush graced our televisions with the following statement:
If these laws are stretched beyond their original intent, they could override the programs Congress just adopted, and force the government to regulate more than just power plant emissions. They could also force the government to regulate smaller users and producers of energy from schools and stores to hospitals and apartment buildings. This would make the federal government act like a local planning and zoning board, and it would have crippling effects on our entire economy.
It appears as though the single most “crippling” factor in our economy right now is our own White House.  They’re suppressing benefits of a universally beneficial program in favor of short-term gain through energy-industry handouts in the form of off-shore drilling and drilling in ANWAR.   We’re beyond the point of “green” being only for hippies in San Francisco, Mr. President.  There are real economic benefits as well.  Everyone else is on board. Please join us!

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