Obama Vs. McCain on Taxes


Just came across this article on CNNMoney about tax plans by Obama and McCain. It gives a good breakdown by income group. It gives a pretty clear picture as to where the Republican vs. Democratic priority line breaks down.  Obama raises taxes on higher income groups and McCain cuts taxes across the board.  Obama’s breakdown has a larger cut for lower and middle income groups.

 Obama Vs. McCain

My main criticism of both is that they create a larger deficit across the board. But, an argument that both may make is that by giving money back to people, they will spend more and thus stimulate the economy. A stimulated economy will eventually pay back the deficit over time.  Obama’s plan is about $1 trillion less than McCain’s. 

I hope that Republican-leaning middle class folks in the red states see this information. Often, the #1 reason I hear that people vote Republican is for the tax cuts. Clearly, Obama’s tax cuts are greater for the largest majority of Americans.  



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