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By now you may have heard of the false claim by Cheney that China and Cuba were working together to drill off the coast of Florida. But, there are deeper lies in the Cheney argument for drilling offshore. Carl Pope on Huffington Post explains: But while the media nailed this lie, they missed the whopper. […]

Thanks to ThinkProgress for putting this piece out there. On their “wonk room” blog, they pick apart a timeline on McCain’s campaign website.  On the site, he claims to have been right all along with his assessment of the war in Iraq.  Of course, his timeline leaves out everything before August 2003…a period of time when […]

Just came across this article on CNNMoney about tax plans by Obama and McCain. It gives a good breakdown by income group. It gives a pretty clear picture as to where the Republican vs. Democratic priority line breaks down.  Obama raises taxes on higher income groups and McCain cuts taxes across the board.  Obama’s breakdown […]