Big Fat Tuesday Primary Roundup


I just wanted to share Rachel Maddow’s great wrap-up of the night  from  her blog on Air America Radio:

Just before 1AM superfat tuesday thoughts…

by Rachel Maddow on February 6, 2008 – 1:51am.

On the Democratic side, tonight’s a tie.

If you want to call Clinton the winner, you say that Clinton won the big enchilada — California.

If you want to call Obama the winner, you say that Obama won 13 or 14 states to Clinton’s 8 or 9.

If you want to say Clinton won, you point out that she won Massachusetts and New Jersey, which were big contested states at stake today.

If you want to say Obama won, you point out that Obama took Connecticut and Minnesota and Missouri, all of which were contested and at stake as well.

If you’re honest about what really happened tonight, you’ll admit that… um… it’s a tie.  Chuck Todd on MSNBC just did neato-touch-screen math that says the delegate total for tonight may be almost exactly tied.

The fundraising advantage between the two of them lies with Obama right now, the superdelegate endorsements advantage lies with Clinton.

The bang-for-the-buck advantage from the candidate campaigning in-person, in-state is probably with Obama as well.

The name recognition advantage is probably still with Clinton.

Democratic voters are facing a situation tomorrow that looks very much like it did yesterday: two well-liked candidates who are both electorally viable, who would each make history upon securing the nomination.

Excuse the Romneyism here, but… gosh! neat!


PS: Buh-bye Mittens.


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