Polls: Clinton Loses but Obama Wins


Contrary to the popular opinion that Hillary Clinton is more “electable” than  any other Democratic candidate, the latest Zogby  Poll puts her behind all of the Republican candidates.

Here’s how she matches up:

Giuliani 43 / Clinton 40
Romney 43 / Clinton 40
Huckabee 44 / Clinton 39
Thompson 44 / Clinton 40
McCain 42 / Clinton 38

Compare that to Obama, who beats all of the Republican candidates by  about 5 to 7 points.   Even John Edwards beats 4 of the 5 candidates.

What this tells confirms for me is that  Republicans want Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic nomination. This is why networks like Fox News and other right wing/conservative commentators  keep saying she has the nomination in the bag. They know that even though she’s popular among Democrats, she’s essentially unpopular with about 50% of the US voting population.

It seems that the media is latching on to Clinton because she’s a voracious fundraiser.  That means $$ for the major media outlets because the more money she raises, the more money that goes into ads.

The oddest thing about this is that it isn’t necessarily new news. Edwards has been beating Clinton in Republican matchups since early in the campaigns.   This shows the error in the Democratic primary system.  Basically, the momentum of all these great candidates relies on the first few contests.  We’re up against a fast rush to win the first few states before some of the candidates start dropping out.  We can only hope that the voters in the Democratic Party quickly realize the fact that they have several more progressive, more popular, more viable candidates than Clinton.  The good news is that Obama took the lead in the latest Iowa polls.


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