Climate Change: The Facts and the (Fake) Doubts


Climate Change is happening.  There’s good reason to debate it and study it, but it’s not helping solve a potential crisis to pretend that it might not even be a valid problem.  In the midst of the debate on the matter, climate change naysayers have done a great job of flooding the public with false evidence to support their position.

I recently came across a piece on that debunks several myths. (Click here to check it out.) I recommed checking it out.

Another interesting piece has come my way that addresses the question: How do I talk to a skeptic?   I recommend keeping that link handy.  As you may know, this blog originally began as an archive of resources so that I could have arguments, facts, and my own thoughts ready to reference at a moment’s notice in the case that I found myself face to face with an ideological opponent.  (i.e. Republican, conservative, and/or misinformed and/or intellectually lazy relatives and friends.) As the new election cycle gets closer, I’ll be saving more of this information when the real races begin.  For now, click here to check out this exhaustive list of information.


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