Barak Obama Is A Candidate


The fact that there is so much talk about the presidential campaign for 2008 already only emphasizes the obvious desire for Americans to move away from the Bush administration and the decisions they’ve made. It also seems to be a symbol of a newfound strength for the Democratic Party that so many new political stars are being made as candidates throw their hats into the ring. And, even though it’s early, the excitement has begun because, for a change, Democrats have more choices than they’ve had in a long time. All of them are qualified and all are good – some better than good.

I’m coming out early as an Obama booster. In an ideal world, Kucinich would have a snowball’s chance in hell, but he doesn’t. Obama, on the other hand, has the charisma and work ethic that could make him the best candidate we’ve had since RFK. I firmly believe that Obama would win when put up against any candidate on the Republican side. It’s entirely possible that the internal politics of the Democratic party will lead Clinton into the Presidential race, and I think she’ll lose when pitted against the right Republican candidate if the anti-Hillary smears go out in full force. (I’ll post on my thoughts that prospect later.)

Why is he a sure win?

First of all, the sheer volume of manufactured controversy has risen to near-Clinton levels. This shows that the right-wing is afraid – very afraid – that Obama is one progressive candidate who won’t go down as easily as Kerry. Obama has handled every smear with style and grace befitting a President. Below is a video from that well sums up the attempts on Obama so far:

Barak Obama Attacks From Fox

On top of that, he’s already getting international notoriety. Recently, the Australian Prime Minister came out with a criticism of Obama’s position on the Iraq War. After Prime Minister Howard claimed that Obama’s position aided the leaders of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Obama replied:

“I think it’s flattering that one of George Bush’s allies on the other side of the world started attacking me the day after I announced,” Mr Obama told reporters in the mid-western US state of Iowa.

“I would also note that we have close to 140,000 troops in Iraq, and my understanding is Mr Howard has deployed 1,400, so if he is … to fight the good fight in Iraq, I would suggest that he calls up another 20,000 Australians and sends them to Iraq.

“Otherwise it’s just a bunch of empty rhetoric.”

What about his lack of experience?

Two words: President Bush. There’s a man with less qualifications to run this country than any person who has ever run for president in my lifetime. That’s the honest truth. Obama may be new to the Senate, but the time is ripe for him to run now. Historically, only short-term Senators

Is he black enough?

Even better has been the big question as to whether or not Obama is “black enough” to woo black voters. Bear in mind that nobody has been concerned until a black candidate has run whether or not the candidates are going to woo black people. President Clinton was extremely popular with African Americans despite his obvious light complexion, wasn’t he? I think Stephen Colbert’s interview with Debra Dickerson of Slate pretty much tore a hole in the issue of Obama’s blackness. (Watch it here)

In the end, let’s face it, he’s not black or white. He’s a true candidate. He’s so good that the Republicans are scared. They’ll play any card they can get, but he’ll shoot them down every time.

So, here’s to Obama in 2008!


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