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Though I am not surprised to hear the news that 2/3 of Americans are opposed to the Bush “plan” to increase troops in Iraq, I’m somewhat surprised to hear about he GOP senators who were a little tough on Rice. “I have to say, Madam Secretary, that I think this speech given last night by […]

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it” The similarities between LBJ’s speech 40 years ago and Bush’s new Iraq “strategy” are eerie: LBJ, Jan. 10, 1967: We have chosen to fight a limited war in Vietnam in an attempt to prevent a larger war–a war almost certain to follow, I believe, […]

In an impressively but quiet move of pureĀ  integrity, Keith Ellison, the Muslim Representative from Minnesota, will be sworn in to office holding a Koran owned by Thomas Jefferson. Ellison has put up with a lot of crap for being Muslim – most notably in his interview with Glen Beck – but has been remarkably […]