Things Moving Already: Rumsfeld Resigns


If this isn’t a demonstration of the power of voting, I don’t know what is: Rumsfeld resigned.

Speculations as to the timing and the resignation could include the following:

  1. They knew about this before the election and were hoping that “stay the course” was going to keep them in power. They probably planned on letting him go anyway, but keeping unified was probably their strategy for campaigning.
  2. This is a suprise to Bush as well possibly. Rumsfeld may be afraid that if he doesn’t step down, a Democratic-run Congress will open up investigations into torture, post-invasion strategy, and 9/11 response or even step up the call for resignation.
  3. Rumsfeld is the sacrificial lamb. Bush is afraid of what the Dems might do with their new control. Letting Rumsfeld go makes it look like he’s being flexible. This, along with Bush’s “olive branch” phone call to Pelosi, makes Bush look a little bit more like the gracious loser, “good sport”, and supposedly committed to bi-partisanship.

Whatever the reason, you can bet your ass this wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for the Democratic sweep in yesterday’s election.  Voting can make a difference.


2 Responses to “Things Moving Already: Rumsfeld Resigns”

  1. 1 J

    You don’t really think Rumsfeld’s going will make an iota of difference, do you?

  2. 2 clairblog

    I think it will. Regardless of the fact that his ousting is heavily symbolic, it shows that the Bush Administration (possibly Rumsfeld himself) knew that they couldn’t carry this on for another two years.

    Also, regardless of how we feel about the replacement for Rummy, I believe that the Bush Administration will use the new face as a means to back-paddle a bit on some of their past assertions while appearing as if they are still “staying the course.”

    But, I think what you are getting at is that these guys still won’t start doing anything differently, nor will Bush change his ideological, incurious, and inept approach to being President.

    But, from the outside, Congress might be able to give him a shake down or two and maybe get a few things done while they are at it.

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