Kerry’s Words


So, Kerry screwed up a joke. I think he should maybe refrain from trying to be funny (because he’s not).  But, it’s ridiculous that the Right Wing (Republicans) have gone so far out of their way to purposefully misunderstand the joke just to take some heat off of their own crappy races.

 Media Matters has the full rundown on the Media’s botching of Kerry’s botched joke.

 Still trying to track down the other quotes of Republicans who have defended Kerry (or, bothered to try to understand the context of his speech.)  Here’s an exerpt of Dick Armey on Hardball:

Matthews further described the White House’s characterization of Kerry’s remarks as a “violent interpretation,” then later, during an interview with former House Republican Leader Dick Armey (TX), said:

MATTHEWS: [I]f you listen to the transition of words there, it clearly looks like he was talking about President Bush being in a state of denial, not realizing when he took us into Iraq what he was going to face because he didn’t study hard in school. President Bush says today, no, he wasn’t saying that. Isolating the few words in the middle of that statement, he said, he was trashing the military for being uneducated and the kinds of people who flunk out of school and end up in the military and then get stuck in Iraq.

Matthews then asked Armey which was the “correct interpretation,” and Armey concluded: “Look, I think John Kerry’s right. He’s making a defense of himself. He’s saying, ‘Look, I was not maligning the troops. I was maligning the president of the United States.’ “


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