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Webb Meets Bush


A lot of  excitement is flying over the exchange between President Bush and Jim Webb at a recent reception for new members of Congress. From USA Today: Democratic Sen.-elect Jim Webb avoided the receiving line during a recent White House reception for new members of Congress and had a chilly exchange with President Bush over […]

I’m impressed by the handy work on this Rush Limbaugh song.

If this isn’t a demonstration of the power of voting, I don’t know what is: Rumsfeld resigned. Speculations as to the timing and the resignation could include the following: They knew about this before the election and were hoping that “stay the course” was going to keep them in power. They probably planned on letting […]

Go Team!


I’ve always been somewhat opposed to the team (herd) mentality behind politics.  Nothing irks me more than someone passing judgement on a candidate based on their political party alone – particularly when that judgement is based on false predjudice.  Like many liberals, I’ve been inclined to cheer on a Green Party candidate or two, and […]

Today the SF Chronicle has an interesting piece on the new Right-Wing slur: “San Francisco values.” It seems that now that the GOP & Rove figured out that most of America doesn’t know anything about Nancy Pelosi, they thought they’d align (malign) her with terrible, horrible, liberal San Francisco. It is no doubt a much-needed, […]

I just discovered Pollster. Looking good, Dems!

Kerry’s Words


So, Kerry screwed up a joke. I think he should maybe refrain from trying to be funny (because he’s not).  But, it’s ridiculous that the Right Wing (Republicans) have gone so far out of their way to purposefully misunderstand the joke just to take some heat off of their own crappy races.  Media Matters has […]