Get Ready for Elections!


There are numerous election resources out there, but the League of Young Voters provides a good resource on the issues for several voter areas. (Ohio is well covered.)  They provide great pocket-size guides to take with you to the polling booth.

It’s hard to tell how the elections will turn out, but we’d like to see Congress swing back to the Dems for both balance and progress.  High turnout is still encouraged to ensure victory, but it’s feeling like the tide is definitely turning against the Republicans.  I caught the following comments on the News Hour:

DAVID BROOKS: … I now think there’s beginning to be a tide, and at this point I think the Republicans could lose both houses.

JIM LEHRER: Both houses, both the House and the Senate?


JIM LEHRER: No, I’m not going to listen. I’m not going to hear. I’m going to listen, but not hear.

MARK SHIELDS: I think, as of tonight — it could all change tomorrow — the Democrats would pick up 30 seats.

JIM LEHRER: Thirty seats in the House?

MARK SHIELDS: And I think they’ll win the Senate.

JIM LEHRER: Wow. Wow. And you think — what would it take for — is there anything the Republicans can do now to stop this tide?

DAVID BROOKS: Something will happen. There will be some national security story or something. Something will happen.

JIM LEHRER: That will help the Republicans?

DAVID BROOKS: Or hurt them more.

  There seems to be agreement from both sides that this may go to the Democratic Party.  It would do a lot to revive my faith in America if that happens.


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