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Stay the Course


I love that this ad doesn’t even need voice-over. The Republicans (Bush) say it all themselves.  Definitely my favorite “flip-flop” since Bush said he didn’t care about Osama Bin Laden. Advertisements

Just saw this article on Anyone else disturbed by the fact that we’re debating the quality of life for the rich and super rich and the tensions created as a result?

We’ve all gotten a little freaked out by the blurring of politics and religion in public statements by the Bush Administration. It turns out that the administration really has just been using the base for political gain and financial contribution. While it’s not surprising that the Bush Administration would use something for political gain, it […]

There are numerous election resources out there, but the League of Young Voters provides a good resource on the issues for several voter areas. (Ohio is well covered.)  They provide great pocket-size guides to take with you to the polling booth. It’s hard to tell how the elections will turn out, but we’d like to […]

I remember back in the debates between Bush and Kerry when Kerry was first asked what was the “the single most serious threat to the national security to the United States”. He replied: Nuclear proliferation. Nuclear proliferation. There’s some 600-plus tons of unsecured material still in the former Soviet Union and Russia. At the rate […]

Due to a major database crash, the old Clairblogience site was killed, along with all archives. So, like a phoenix from the ashes, we rise again. This time, we’re hosting on the WordPress server, hoping that this may prevent hosting issues in the future. We also hope that this will open up the blog to […]